The IoT Working Group, in the context of TICE.PT, aims to stimulate and leverage the cooperation between national actors of ICET (Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies) with specific focus on applications for the Internet of Things. The IoT Working Group aims to boost the establishment of cooperation networks and concrete activities (projects) involving national companies, institutions of the national scientific system, public entities and other organisations (e.g. accelerators, facilitators, multipliers, etc.) for the development of new technological solutions for applications in the Internet of Things.

Furthermore, the IoT Working Group at TICE.PT intends to promote the Portuguese participation at European level research programs on topics related to the Internet of Things. In this regard, the Working Group acts as a mirror of the AIOTI platform (European Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation, thereby enhancing the coordinated involvement of national actors in several of the alliance working groups.

The IoT Working Group at TICE.PT is animated by the Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Prof. Pedro Maló