General Meeting of the TICE.PT held on June 26th, approved the Accounts for the financial year 2023

On the 26th of June, the 36th General Assembly TICE.PT took place at the premises of the Associated University of Coimbra - Department of Computer Engineering - which, among other items, unanimously approved the annual accounts for the financial year 2023.

The General Assembly had a first moment of presentation of projects, by the host University of Coimbra, through the Pro-Rector Nuno Mendonça. Then, the Activity of the TICE.PT was disclosed, which was executed in 11 Projects, contributing to a positive result of 6,246.78 Euros. There are 89 Associates and the financial situation remains stable, with the endowment fund reaching 130,010.77 Euros.

In terms of Activity carried out, we highlight the participation in 288 events (of which 103 International) or the (co)-organization of 10 events (6 as a speaker).

The following were also highlighted: 

  • The closing of the mobilizing projects Activas, Augmanity and Citycatalist;
  • The approval of four applications made in 2023 - EU-FFICIENT, Centro+ciberseguro, and Testbeds EDx and Aveiro Smart Connected Spaces;
  • Involvement in the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH's) CONNECT5 (which the TICE.PT leads), C-Hub and PTcentroDIH; and the participation of the Illiance, Ecoceramica, ATE and Blockchain Mobilizing Agendas;
  • Also noteworthy is the promotion of the Gaia-x national Hub (which aims to create an open, secure and reliable, hyper-scalable and aggregating European data and cloud infrastructure) with the holding of 96 meetings, addressing 39 projects, and contact with 13 leaders of PRR Agendas.

The main points of the new recognition that is taking place were also addressed, namely through the presentation of the Value Chain and Structuring Projects, of which we can highlight, although not definitively or closedly, the areas of Digitalization & Sustainability, Construction & Smart Territories, 6G Communications, Cybersecurity and Privacy, Quantum Technologies,  Software/digital twins/simulation, the semiconductor ecosystem (Ampere) and Applied and Generative Artificial Intelligence.

28 Jun, 2024