Third meeting of the Digital Product Passport

Following the inter-agenda meetings, where the common theme is the Digital Product Passport, the 3rd online meeting of this group was held on June 20th. In addition to the participation of the various Agendas invited by the TICE.PT the Footwear Technological Centre of Portugal (CTCP) and CITEVE joined, which shared the work developed in this area, since the textile and footwear sectors are priorities in the mandatory use of the DPP. IAPMEI also participated as an observer in order to monitor the work that has been developed. He stressed the importance of this type of collaborative and joint efforts initiatives between different sectors. He highlighted that the Digital Passport is a reality in a short-medium term, and IAPMEI is collaborating on different fronts to mitigate the possible difficulties of implementing the DPP (Digital Product Passports).

The previously shared working document was presented by Instituto Superior Técnico (André Vasconcelos and André Augusto) explaining the interoperability mechanisms and architecture of the systems to be developed.

There were 24 participants representing 11 different entities.

DPP reuniao
28 Jun, 2024