TICE.PT organized a presential meeting, at the premises of the Porto Digital Association, of the Gaia-X AISBL Data Spaces Business Committee

On the 12th and 13th of June, a face-to-face meeting of the Data Spaces Business Committee of Gaia-X AISBL (Association International Sans But Lucratif) was held in Porto. This meeting brought together representatives of the various national Hubs, Projects and Ecosystems of Gaia-X, in a number that exceeded 65 participants. Hubs, Projects and Ecosystems work in a good way, as groups of influence on the priorities and direction of Gaia-X AISBL's work.

Organized by Gaia-X Hub Portugal, which is promoted by the TICE.PT Cluster, the meeting took place at Associação Porto Digital, which provided its facilities and provided logistical support for its realization. That said, this was the perfect opportunity to involve its associates in person, and others linked to national ecosystems, namely in the Technical Support, Smart Communities, Construction and Agriculture working groups.

After the conclusion of this meeting, the Digital Ter-X 2050 project, which is a Qualified Project Gaia-X, met in person for the first time. This project, which has been supported and designed since the beginning by the Gaia-X Hubs of Portugal, France and Finland, and by the national chapters of Building Smart of the same countries, opened its meeting to other stakeholders of the Gaia-X ecosystem, as well as to elements of the national ecosystem.

On the 11th, the Gaia-X AISBL Association took the opportunity to carry out a Team Building action of its team in Porto, with the support of TICE.PT, Gaia-X Hub Portugal and the Porto Digital Association.

Thus, 3 days of intense work were carried out where it was possible to improve aspects of the internal functioning of the Gaia-X AISBL Association, and where an effective exchange of information and discussion of points of view between all the different stakeholders was achieved, seeking to improve aspects of two-way communication, a better definition of responsibilities and classification and measurability of results,  in a perspective of continuous improvement.

Having recognized the achievement of the proposed work objectives, recreational activities "in the style of the city of Porto" were added, which left wishes to return in all participants. 

Gaia-X Porto
27 Jun, 2024
Gaia X