Projeto Alvos Estratégicos

Projeto Alvos Estratégicos

Lead promoter |  Inova-Ria

Partner | Associação para o Pólo de Competitividade TICE.PT

Total eligible investment |  745.669 €

Co-financing | 600.568 €

Start date |  01-10-2011

End date | 30-09-2014

Co-financed by | COMPETE | QREN | EU

The Strategic Targets Project (PAE) is a networked business cooperation project led by Inova-Ria and which is developing a series of benchmarking activities, business missions and market studies with a focus on the most important international TICE clusters and markets.


The main objectives of the project are:

- Promote coopetition between companies in the sector;

- Develop the link between these companies and consulting companies, to strengthen the management component;

- Create a network of technological and management companies that cooperate with the needs and opportunities of the relevant sectors / clusters of the economy as their main reference;

- Strengthen the link between the TICE sector and the relevant sectors / clusters of the Economy;

- Increase the internationalization of the Information Technologies and Electronic Knowledge (TICE) sector.