TICE.PT collaborates in the establishment of contacts in the automotive industry in Portugal

On August 1st, a meeting was held between the TICE.PT and the Lighthouse project Catena-X. This project implemented 10 use cases focused on the automotive industry. The project is still running, now more focused on federation services, where several meetings have already been held with JAMA (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.) in which the issue of interoperability was discussed.

In the internationalisation business division, the project is following a top-bottom approach, to bring on board Catena-X two new European countries, since it is currently focused on the German automotive industry.

TICE.PT is collaborating in establishing contacts in the Portuguese automotive industry to work closer to the German industry on this front.

TICE.PT colabora no estabelecimento de contatos na indústria automóvel em Portugal
03 Aug, 2023