TICE.PT was present at the Final Event of the SNOB-5G's project

The final event of the SNOB-5G project took place on July 25, at Ubiwhere's headquarters in Aveiro.

With the representation of Vasco Lagarto, TICE.PT was present and attended the session that had as its main focus the presentation of the scientific objectives and results of the project.



The SNOB-5G project was developed under the Portugal2020 program, and had the collaboration of a prominent international consortium led by Ubiwhere with the participation of the Electronics Research Laboratory of MIT (Cambridge, Massachusetts), the Institute of Telecommunications (Aveiro) and the Center for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra.

SNOB-5G has implemented an innovative and robust intelligent solution for wireless backhaul connections between 5G units, with backhaul being the network structure responsible for establishing the connection between the network core and the distribution units. In this way, this innovation enables cities to take advantage of urban furniture elements (such as lampposts, benches, bus stops, etc.) to distribute 5G broadband network and establish innovative services such as intelligent transport systems and vehicular communication for autonomous cars, therefore promoting the creation of a new business model that leverages the integration of cities in the 5G network market.

O TICE.PT marcou presença no Evento final do projeto SNOB-5G
26 Jul, 2023