Public presentation of the final set of Mobilizing Agendas for Business Innovation approved under the PRR

On July 6, at 11:30 a.m., the public presentation of the final set of mobilizing agendas for business innovation was held in the auditorium of PCI - Science and Innovation Park, in Ílhavo.

There were nine Mobilizing Agendas for Business Innovation presented, the developments and the evolution of the respective projects in strategic areas:

  1. AI Fights Space Debris
  2. New Space Portugal
  3. Tec4Green
  4. Circular Tech
  5. A-Mover
  6. Aliança para a Transição Energética
  7. H2Driven Green Agenda
  8. Blockchain .pt
  9. Drivolution

TICE.PT participates in 2 of the 9 Mobilizing Agendas presented:

  • ATE - Aliança para a Transição Energética
  • Blockchain

The closing of the session was in charge of the Minister of Economy and the Sea, António Costa Silva.



The event had the following agenda:


     12:15 - OPENING:
Mayor of Ílhavo, João António Campolargo

  1. AI Fights Space Debris – Tiago Baptista da Neuraspace, S.A.
    • Monitor space debris and help prevent collisions between satellites through technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  2. New Space Portugal – Francisco Vilhena da Cunha da Geosat, Lda.
    • Design, develop, produce and launch high-resolution Earth observation satellites, putting Portugal at the forefront of global markets.


  1. Tec4Green – Ascenza Agro, S.A. 
    • New generation of hybrid and organic products for a more sustainable agriculture.
  2. Circular Tech – Bee2solutions, Lda.
    • Optimized waste collection and treatment for its reintroduction into the chain as a raw material.
  3. A-Mover – Continental Advanced Antenna, Soc. Unip., Lda.
    • Intelligent Antenna, 2-wheeled vehicle and digital data collection and management services for upgrade of the Automotive Cluster.
  4. Alliance for the Energy Transition – EFACEC Energia - Máquinas e Equipamentos Elétricas, S.A.
    • Smart Gas and Gas Grid Products and Solutions and International Scale Open Laboratory for Energy.
  5. H2DRIVEN Green Agenda – EFACEC Engineering and Systems, S.A.
    • Production of green H2, biogenic CO2 and electro-methanol, for the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  6. - Void Software, S.A.
    • Create a national blockchain, with technology as an engine of innovation, to seize global business opportunities in a more digital, green and resilient way.
  7. Drivolution – Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Lda.
    • Transition to the Factory of the Future and production of hybrid vehicle.

     13:10 - DELIVERY OF DECLARATION OF COMMITMENT, by the president of IAPMEI


     13:30 - CLOSING: Minister of Economy and the Sea, António Costa Silva, who reiterated the importance of mobilizing agendas as fundamental tools for building the future of the Portuguese economy.

Apresentação pública do conjunto final de Agendas Mobilizadoras para a Inovação Empresarial aprovadas no âmbito do PRR
11 Jul, 2023