TICE.PT was part of a panel of experts in an event dedicated to the theme of 5G

Altice Labs, in Aveiro, hosted on the 28th, the final seminar of the P2020 project "5G-AUTO: Development and testing of 5G V2X technology to support autonomous driving".

The session will begin at 2:30 p.m. and aims to address the challenges and trends of mobility in the future, as well as support for innovation in the development of intelligent transport systems.

The following speakers participated:

  • Pedro Carvalho (Altice Labs) - Opening Session
  • Filipe Cabral Pinto (Altice Labs) - “5G- Auto: project objectives and outcomes”
  • Ricardo Tiago (IMT) - “Future mobility challanges”
  • Vasco Lagarto (TICE.PT) - “Mobility… a 5G success story?”
  • Miguel Antunes (ANI) - “Support for innovation in the field of mobility”
  • Susana Sargento (IT) - “On the Road to Autonomous Mobility”
  • Eduarda Baptista (Brisa) - “TestBed NextGen Mobility”
  • Paulo Marques (Allbesmart) - “5G Auto Demonstration: introducing the C-ITS Platform”
O TICE.PT integrou painel de especialistas num evento dedicado à temática do 5G
29 Jun, 2023