Creation of DigIhub

Southeast Digital Innovation Hub, or DigIhub, is a NGO joint initiative of organisations from the public, private, non-governmental and the educational sectors in Burgas, Bulgaria.

The mission of DigIhub is to facilitate the effective transition to digitalisation of the working processes, to support the representatives of the business in the region for the introducing and/or implementation of digital technologies and intelligent systems, and for offering of services with higher quality. DigIhub enables the trans-sectoral joint initiatives, workshops, and innovative start-ups.

It contributes to the realization of joint projects for digital transformation of the business, which boosts the technological and innovative potential of the region for providing of a wide range of services in the area of tourism, cultural identity, logistic and mobility. One of the main services offered by them is the the digital assistant which was developed by the Southeast Digital Innovation Hub. It provides digital service managers with an easy-to-use method for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their organization in relation to digital transformation.

Digital assessment is a set of heuristics (guidelines), allowing for a detailed review that focuses on the range of organizational capabilities and competencies in terms of digital readiness. Heuristics are based on good practice, providing a solid basis for review.

Creation of DigIhub
29 Apr, 2022