The DIGITEC Marketplace Platform is now available

The regions of the POCTEP area are made up of eminently rural areas, high levels of population aging and economic development below the community average, aggravating the lack of training and specialization in technology. During the last years, the new technologies applied to the industrial model have caused changes in the market perception. The development of software and hardware technologies related to the Internet of the future and its related areas such as Big Data, Open Data, Internet of Things (IoT), are stimulating a technological revolution at all levels.

In this sense, the members of the DIGITEC project, of which TICE.PT is a partner, intend to promote the implementation of advanced digital technologies and blockchain in companies in the cross-border space, with a view to a tangible improvement in business processes and, consequently, in the competitiveness of companies. Portuguese and Spanish companies (between Castilla y León and Central Portugal).

For the implementation of advanced digital technologies and blockchain, DIGITEC developed the DIGITEC Marketplace Platform. It is an online platform that aims to promote the meeting between companies that have products and services based on advanced digital technologies and blockchain and companies that seek solutions in the aforementioned areas.

We invite you to visit the DIGITEC Marketplace Platform at

Já está disponivel a Plataforma de Marketplace DIGITEC
11 May, 2021