Kick-Off DIH 4 Global Automotive

On the 16th of January, an event dedicated to DIH 4 Global Automotive took place at the CEiiA facilities, in Matosinhos, organized by the consortium, which involves a total of nine entities, from the Digital Innovation Hub.

The beginning of the session included a welcoming session for the participants and followed by the opening session by Jorge Rosa (MOBINOV) and Luís Guerreiro (IAPMEI). The "Presentation of IHL 4 Global Automotive" was in charge of Bruno Amaro (MOBINOV) and the explanation of the theme "Cybersecurity in the digital transition" was carried out by António Costa (CNCS). 

After a short Coffee Break, Igor Matias (IEEE) spoke to the audience about "Artificial Intelligence in the digital transition". The day ended with a "Matchmaking Session" and a "Networking Lunch". 

The session represented a significant milestone in the digital transformation of automotive: DIH 4 Global Automotive aims to engage more than 400 automotive companies over the next two years. 

It is important to emphasize that DIH 4 Global Automotive aims to be the Digital Innovation Hub of the Automotive Sector, joining forces of notable entities and companies, such as Continental, ESI Robotics, proGrow, CEiiA, Matching Ventures, IEFF, INESC TEC, IST, under the coordination of MOBINOV. 

The aim is to offer support services to SMEs, driving the digital transformation of the value chain, both in terms of product and process. In addition, it aims to support the position of companies and start-ups in the future of mobility.

Kick-Off DIH 4 Global Automotive
18 Jan, 2024