1st general meeting of the ATE Agenda consortium

On March 6th, the first presential meeting of the mobilizing agenda ATE (Alliance for Energy Transition) took place at the Cruise Terminal of the port of Leixões, with the motto "the Energy Transition starts here".

The program featured:

  • Welcome and key-note from the leader, Efacec in the figure of its CEO, Ângelo Ramalho, who underlined the relevance of this agenda for Portugal, and the importance of achieving the objectives all together in perfect collaboration, despite the large number of consortium members.
  • Key-notes from the leaders of the Work packages WP01-16/AATE – each of the leaders of the 16 WPs presented the state of development and the results achieved, in a moment of harmonization for all ATE members.
  • Parallel sessions of the various WPs – Each WP took the opportunity to meet with each other, and discuss the state of development of the various sub-WPs and tasks that make up each WP.
1ª reunião geral do consórcio da Agenda ATE
22 Mar, 2024