TICE.PT organized the Webinar "Data: The New Resource"

Organized by TICE.PT the Webinar DADOS: The new resource was held on February 7th, open to the participation of all interested public.

In addition to presentations by members of the TICE.PT itself, namely presenting the TICE.PT Cluster, the Data Problem, and the Gaia-X and Gaia-X Hub Portugal initiatives, the webinar featured presentations by the president of the AMA board of directors and the executive coordinator of InCode.2030, who respectively opened and closed the webinar.

For some years now, the TICE.PT has focused much of its effort on drawing attention to the development of the new data-driven economy, seeking that the national ecosystem is not left behind in this strategic area.

Created in 2021 as a private non-profit association, Gaia-X brings together a community of organizations around the common goal of boosting the European data economy, in full alignment with the objectives of the EU data strategy, and building a standard, in fact, open and common, for transparent, controllable and interoperable data infrastructures for the exchange of reliable data. 

It advocates the implementation of a federated and secure data infrastructure, through which information is shared, while users retain control over the access and use of their data. It enables the creation of connections between many cloud computing service providers in a wider ecosystem supported by trust.

Through its status as a member of Gaia-X, and responsible in Portugal for the promotion of Gaia-X Hub Portugal, TICE.PT hopes to contribute in Portugal to the implementation of national data spaces and their interoperability internally and externally.

O TICE.PT organizou o Webinar “Dados: O novo recurso”
22 Mar, 2024