IDSA Competence Center Portugal: TICE.PT

After joining the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) on January 1st, the TICE.PT has now signed an agreement to become the animator of the IDSA Competence Center Portugal.

Digitalization creates opportunities for new business models. At the same time, data is becoming a strategic resource that can be critical to the success of companies in the market. Reliable and secure access to and processing of data is therefore crucial for the future of our economy and society.

IDSA aims to promote safe and reliable solutions for digitalization and the associated rapid changes in industrial production and business processes. In particular, the association aims to identify and group requirements for a protected space in which data from different segments can be shared internationally and exchanged based on predefined rule sets, define requirements for the development and operation of such a data space, and provide recommendations for action. IDSA aims to enable a reliable and securely exchangeable data network, thus contributing to more efficient value creation in all sectors of the economy. The principles in this context should be maintaining sovereignty over one's own data, ensuring reliable cooperation and integration, ensuring security and respecting data sovereignty on the basis of defined standards.

In order to achieve its objectives, to involve national and international organisations from the business, research and public administration worlds and to transfer relevant knowledge to these organisations, IDSA foresees the creation of IDSA Competence Centres, as a vehicle for approximation to the different national ecosystems.

The TICE.PT will develop this activity by holding information meetings for all IDSA members and potential members, holding regular information events, including through the timely publication and transfer of knowledge compiled in the IDSA working groups and related research and innovation activities, e.g.  in the form of conferences, workshops and symposia to promote the purpose of the IDSA, to engage the relevant parties and communities in Portugal to participate in the co-creation of international standards and management rules that serve the purpose of the IDSA, as well as the collection and identification of user requirements for the architecture of future international data markets.

In the preparation phase of an activity plan for the year 2024, the inaugural event of the IDSA Competence Center Portugal, on June 6 in Aveiro, is already highlighted.

This is another step in the development and consolidation of the TICE.PT's action strategy in the area of Data.

IDSA Competence Center Portugal: TICE.PT
18 Apr, 2024