TICE.PT was at the Aqua Innovation: Blooming technologies for Blue Economy event

On March 21st, the event "Aqua Innovation - Blooming Technologies for Blue Economy" took place at the premises of the Municipal Museum of Murtosa - Comur. In this event, which began with a guided tour of the museum, the theme of technology in the digital transition in the Blue Economy sector was discussed. A reflection was made on the results of the BlueControlCentre project, funded by the Blue Growth Programme of the EEA Grants Portugal.

The program had, in the opening session, the presence and intervention of Januário Vieira da Cunha - Vice-President of the Municipality of Murtosa, Nuno Ribeiro - co-CEO of Ubiwhere, Rui Rocha - CEO of RiaSearch and Marisa Silva - Director-General of DGPM, where they all referred to the importance of this type of projects as a way to leverage the economy of the region and also Portuguese with Artificial Intelligence solutions and greater sustainability in the aquaculture sector.

The results of the project were presented by the Norwegian partner Trond Rafoss with a presentation on "Innovative Trends and Bilateral Relations for the Blue Growth", by Ana, Rita and Sandra from Ubiwhere on BlueControlCentre with a live demonstration of the platform and finally a bicycle visit was made to the partner RiaSearch, where it was possible to observe the various aquaculture tanks and the sensors for the control of water quality and nutrients in operation.

The two Testbeds were also presented: Digital Nervous System from Ubiwhere and DIGITAQUA from RiaSearch.

At the end of the event, a panel was set up where it was time to talk about innovation and the new challenges of the blue economy.

O TICE.PT esteve no evento Aqua Innovation: Blooming technologies for Blue Economy
18 Apr, 2024