Companies in Portugal are not making the most of Cloud technologies and Artificial Intelligence

06 Oct, 2020

Survey with enterprises in Portugal to examine their willingness to use cloud-based technologies to solve challenges

According to the survey held by INOVA+ and TICE.PT among Portuguese companies, most respondents know the concepts of cloud-based services and Artificial Intelligence (AI) but they are not making the most of such technologies.

This survey collected the views of 25 companies to understand whether they know and use cloud based services and artificial intelligence in their daily activities and if not, whether they would be willing or interested in using them in the future.

The main conclusion was that these enterprises are not taking full advantage of cloud technologies and Artificial Intelligence to improve their business or to solve challenges that they are faced with every day.

Most of these reported challenges are related with the creation of predictive models in order to optimize production and logistics or to improve customer service and some departments such as HR. Therefore, an interesting conclusion is that most of the participants seem enthusiastic or open to the possibility of using cloud technology to solve these challenges.

Most respondents showed interest in being contacted by the DIHUB team to assess the possibility of developing a solution to a company’s challenge using cloud-based services and/or artificial intelligence within the activities of DIHUB.