TICE.PT and WTEX respond to the challenge launched by DIH World

27 Jan, 2022

TICE.PT as leader of the Digital Innovation Pole CONNECT5 joined WTEX, a company of innovative technical solutions for industrial application in various sectors of activity to respond to one of the challenges launched by the DIH World project.

This challenge entitled Fábrica do Futuro aims to create solid foundations for the structural understanding of the global production process and identify the crucial points where intervention can occur to increase the productivity, efficiency, waste reduction and competitiveness of the WTEX market. Together with CONNECT5, this project gives WTEX the technological advances needed to innovate in a very competitive market.

To help reduce textile waste and improve efficiency at WTEX, the solution proposes to monitor the production process of its products to detect flaws and be able to adjust them more easily. For this, Fábrica do Futuro proposes to use the following technologies:

  1. IoT Devices - Making data work together, regardless of which systems it originates from;
  2. Digital Twins - aims to digitize the entire WTEX supply chain in order to assess the sustainability of each stage of this chain;
  3. private 5G;
  4. Edge Computing - which brings computing and analysis closer to the points where data is generated and used;
  5. Cloud Computing - will give WTEX employees access to storage, files, software and servers through their internet-connected devices


DIH World – aims to accelerate the adoption of advanced digital technologies by European industrial SMEs across all sectors, supporting them in building sustainable competitive advantages and accessing global markets. IHL World strengthens and aims to leverage the capabilities of European DIH.