ATE - Alliance for the Energy Transition

ATE - Aliança para a Transição Energética


Start date: 01/11/2021
End date: 31/12/2025

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Financing: PRR 
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The Alliance for Energy Transition aims to strengthen the competitiveness and resilience of companies in the energy sector as a result of the creation of innovative and export-oriented products and solutions, based on technology and know-how developed and consolidated in the sector, placing Portugal at the forefront of decarbonization and enhancing an effective energy transition.



The Agenda aims to capitalize on the opportunities for value creation in the context of Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization of the Energy sector, creating, in Portugal, a unique competitive national ecosystem on an international scale. In addition to the intrinsic value generated, the Alliance proposes to create the foundational foundations of a long-term collaborative ecosystem, supported by digital, innovation and industrial platforms, enhancing networked externalities.



PPS1 New Generation of PAC Solutions
PPS2 New generation of ADMS and REMS systems
PPS3 High-speed system for communication and simulation of data and power equipment
PPS4 E-TAM - Team and Asset Management Solution 
PPS5 BT Flexibility and Continuity Service Management System
PPS6 Photovoltaic Grid BT And Safety Operation Park Management System
PPS7 Medium voltage network cells and blocks, without SF6, for primary and secondary distribution substations
PPS8 Portable Electrical Solution Combinable Modules
PPS9 New Generation of Shell Type Transformers
PPS10 Innovative distribution transformers for renewable energy production
PPS11 Digital solutions and business models for local energy communities
PPS12 Control, optimization and management of hybrid AC/DC microgrids (B2B segment)
PPS13 Digital solutions for the management of renewable energy communities in shopping centres
PPS14 Integrated energy as a service solution for CERs in multi-sector clusters of industrial services and facilities
PPS15 Dynamic and modular Renewable Energy Community (REC) Management Software
PPS16 Energy communities product with e-mobility
PPS17 Modular Shorepower
PPS18 Multimodal Management Platform
PPS19 Enterprise mobility solutions integrated with EV charging management systems and energy optimization
PPS20 New generation of electric vehicle charging solutions
PPS21 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Electric (LC 70 Electric)
PPS23 Integrated H2 production for decarbonization of heat production for industrial process
PPS24 Solutions for H2 production using the Westinghouse process
PPS25 Biorefinery process for 2G bioethanol production
PPS26 Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) for IoT
PPS27 Compact and modular solutions for PV & Storage
PPS28 New methodology and software for design, simulation, monitoring, operation and maintenance for floating PV systems
PPS29 Automatic AgroPV Viability Calculator
PPS30 Carnot's Battery
PPS31 Manufacturing and storage process of a smart offshore platform
PPS32 Smart, connected home to provide new energy services
PPS33 Energy-positive buildings as hubs for e-mobility, storage and flexibility
PPS34 Efficient buildings through new materials and optimized by centralized and intelligent interfaces
PPS35 Optical sensors for gas monitoring
PPS36 Drone for remote gas leak detection and pipeline inspection process
PPS37 GRIDHRYVE | Plug&play system for injection of renewable gases into the grid and vehicle refueling
PPS38 Multiofftaker green H2 production and utilization hub
PPS39 Advanced planning tools for the integration of H2 into the natural gas grid and support the use of green hydrogen at an industrial level
PPS40 Optimization tool for multi-energy industrial networks
PPS41 Support Tool - DST-H2 System
PPS42 Digital AIIoT Platform for the Energy Sector
PPS43 Advanced digital asset management solution for the Energy sector
PPS44 POEM - Municipal Energy Optimization Platform
PPS45 Circular Process for Energy value chains
PPS46 Collaborative Network of Laboratories for the Energy Transition