Porto Design Accelerator (PDA)

Porto Design Accelerator (PDA)

Operation type | 05/SIAC/2016

Lead promoter | Instituto Politécnico do Porto

Co-promoters | Associação Porto Digital e TICE.PT

Intervention area | Norte e Centro

Total eligible cost | 583.600,31€

TICE.PT eligible cost |: 9.310,00€

Financial support EU  496.060,26€

TICE.PT Financial support EU  7.913,50€

Start date | 01-08-2017

End date | 31-07-2019

Co-funding | COMPETE 2020, P2020, FEDER

Entidades Financiadoras
Porto Design Accelerator (PDA)



Porto Design Accelerator, a pioneering project in Portugal, was developed by the Politécnico do Porto through the Porto Design Factory, by the Porto Digital Association, and by TICE.PT will implement a program to accelerate startups focused on design, stimulating the development of innovative products in industrial sectors.

The Porto Design Accelerator project aims to provide a concrete and effective response to an identified failure, namely the lack of a startup acceleration program in Portugal, focused on the area of ​​design, with the aim of allowing not only customized monitoring of projects but also enabling them to contact the industry, encouraging the creation of sustainable companies that will develop products to respond to existing market needs.


The Project has the following activities:

Activity 1 - Accelerate Design Innovation - Broad Dissemination of the Program and Project Mapping

Activity 2 - Porto Design Accelerator - Accelerate - Empowerment of Entrepreneurs

Activity 3 - Porto Design Accelerator - Demo Days

Activity 4 - Porto Design Accelerator - Ready to Scale - Towards the global market

Activity 5 - Project Management and Monitoring