ICT4Silver - Final Event

Quinta, Março 14, 2019 - 15:30 a 18:00

The demographic challenge of the ageing European population raises numerous political, social and economic questions. It is possible to change the perspective on this challenge and to make it an opportunity for our elderly, our healthcare professionals, our territories and our companies. By adapting its offer already existing to the specific needs for this market, any company can build up to itself new opportunities on the Silver Economy market.

With 96 million people aged over 60, the Silver Economy European emerging market is the biggest market of the world. However, SME are cautious to break into it. The client’s segments are very characterized, the distribution networks split up, and the regulatory and cultural barriers in the internationalization process important.

It has for consequence to limit on territories the creation of jobs, economic and social value and the opportunity to perpetuate entire industrial sectors. The elderly and the healthcare professionals find themselves deprived of innovations which can answer their specific needs.
We consider that the market of Silver Economy will be mature in 10 years.

How to support the companies of all the industrial sectors of the Silver Economy so that all the stakeholders of the ecosystem is winning and so that this market takes off?

The consortium of the project ICT4SILVER invites you to participate in a conference presenting answers to this question.


16:30H - Welcome

17:00H - Keynote
What difficulties SME are facing when entering the Silver economy market? (tbc)

17:30H - Which economic development tools are developed and tested in Europe? 
Usage study as a tool for SME to have a faster access to market, by ICT4SILVER project
Silver Economy accelerator « Age accelerator » as a tool to develop your business, Joseph PUCEK, CLUBSTER SANTE, manager of Seas2grow project

18:00H - Which intervention framework are available for you to support your SME ? 
The opportunity of a Cluster and Living Lab alliance across Europe, by ICT4SILVER project
The vision of the European Commission on that problematic (tbc)

18:30H - Conclusion by Antonio Remartinez, Consultant for Ageing and Health sector and Eurico Neves, Innovation Expert – Evaluators of ICT4SILVER


After the event, you are welcome to join us around a cocktail buffet to discuss collaboration opportunity

The place : 21 rue Montoyer – BRUSSELS