MATERIALIX Project - International Conference

Quinta, Novembro 16, 2017 - 08:00 a 12:00

MATERIALIX Final Conference "“Enhancing Excellence with Clusters Collaboration & Innovation”, to be hosted by POOL-NET at the Center of Congresses of the TAGUSPARK, Oeiras-Lisbon, Portugal, on 16th November 2017 (from 9h to 13h).

This Final Conference is organised under the MATERIALIX project ( in cooperation with the EUROPEAN TOOLING PLATFORM (MANUFUTURE SUB-PLATFORM) and PORTUGALclusters, within the initiatives for the High Level Group Meeting of MANUFUTURE (15-17 November, Portugal), which is an opportunity to:

1.     Share excellence management and cluster experience and practices;

2.     Exchange ideas about challenges and future research & cluster policies – Europe 2030;

3.     Share an integrative vision towards innovation and support SME growth;

Conference admission is free of charge. For registration to the conference, please do it here until 02nd November 2017.You will receive a confirmation after your registration.

For more information, please see at MATERIALIX website the following documents:

  1. MATERIALIX Conference draft agenda;
  2. Practical information (venue and accommodation);


If you need any further information, please don´t hesitate and contact us through the email: