The Gaia-x Hub Portugal website is now live

28 Jun, 2023

was officially launched and is now available online the Gaia-X Hub Portugal project website.

The Gaia-X Hub Portugal website, managed by the TICE.PT cluster, supports the activities under development in Portugal in this fundamental initiative for the construction of the new data economy. Based on European values, principles and standards, it will be the guarantor of security, sovereignty, control and transparency in data sharing. 

Launched in a preliminary version with basic information on the dissemination of Gaia-X and the Portugal Hub, answers to frequently asked questions and contacts of the work team, the site also has News and Events sections. With this site it is intended to disseminate what’s most important intersecting with the activity of the national Hub, not only in terms of Gaia-X, but more broadly in terms of the problem of Data Spaces. 

Through the address you can ask for more information, send us your suggestions, news and events. The structure planned for Gaia-X Hub Portugal, also involves the effective constitution of Working Groups in the various sectors/verticals that are therefore organized as a result of the ongoing activities since the creation of the Hub. 

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