TICE.PT visited the facilities of his associate RedeRia

06 Jun, 2023

On June 5, the TICE.PT visited the associate RedeRia. RedeRia is a company specialized in the development and implementation of technological solutions to support the operations of its customers, located in the industrial zone of Vagos.


It offers services in the areas of:

- Network infrastructures
- GSM/3G/4G gateways, fixed-mobile integration
- Multitechnology–IP and conventional
- Communications servers (Telephone exchanges and telephones/Audio and video intercoms)
- Power systems, UPS
- Datacenter (Servers and storage, virtualization)
- Video surveillance (Cameras and video surveillance systems)
- Video surveillance systems for vehicles
- Perimeter detection
- Smart pole
- Access control (Systems and software for attendance management)
- Security management (Virtual datacenter and cloud services)
- Security audits
- SmartConnect – Lighting network management
- Energy certification


In this meeting we were presented with the strategic lines and challenges envisaged by RedeRia, namely in terms of the aspects of communications networks and physical security and solutions in the area of renewable energies / decarbonization. The TICE.PT, for its part, presented its main strategic challenges, highlighting the Digital Innovation Hub CONNECT5 within the scope of whose mission - catalyzing the process of digital transformation of SMEs - TICE.PT expects to count on the involvement of the associated companies that provide solutions and digital technologies. As an immediate result of this visit was the offer of RedeRia to help promote IHL CONNECT5 in the context of the Vagos Business Center.