TICE.PT was part of a panel of experts in an event dedicated to the theme of 5G

29 Jun, 2023

Altice Labs, in Aveiro, hosted on the 28th, the final seminar of the P2020 project "5G-AUTO: Development and testing of 5G V2X technology to support autonomous driving".

The session will begin at 2:30 p.m. and aims to address the challenges and trends of mobility in the future, as well as support for innovation in the development of intelligent transport systems.

The following speakers participated:

  • Pedro Carvalho (Altice Labs) - Opening Session
  • Filipe Cabral Pinto (Altice Labs) - “5G- Auto: project objectives and outcomes”
  • Ricardo Tiago (IMT) - “Future mobility challanges”
  • Vasco Lagarto (TICE.PT) - “Mobility… a 5G success story?”
  • Miguel Antunes (ANI) - “Support for innovation in the field of mobility”
  • Susana Sargento (IT) - “On the Road to Autonomous Mobility”
  • Eduarda Baptista (Brisa) - “TestBed NextGen Mobility”
  • Paulo Marques (Allbesmart) - “5G Auto Demonstration: introducing the C-ITS Platform”