TICE.PT was present at the COMPETE 2030 meeting

15 Jan, 2024

On January 11th, TICE.PT was present at a meeting at COMPETE 2030 where he had the opportunity to present the work he has been doing since 2022, in the dissemination of the GAIA-X initiative, in particular with the agendas and pacts of the PRR, within the scope of his responsibilities as animator of GAIA-X Hub Portugal.

Established in 2021 as a private non-profit association, Gaia-X brings together a community of organisations around the common goal of boosting the European data economy, enabling the creation of common data spaces, in full alignment with the objectives of the EU data strategy, and building a common open standard for transparent data infrastructures,  controllable and interoperable for reliable data exchange.

The opportunity was taken to evaluate hypotheses of joint work, discussion of some of the activities to be developed, as a catalyst for the involvement of more entities in a consistent effort to create national data spaces.