Advantages Associates

Advantages of being associated!

  • Possibility of a 50% increase in the paid quotas of TICE.PT Associates for IRC purposes;
  • Network of contacts among members TICE.PT;
  • Approximation of Associates to several entities, such as:
    • Competent public entities and institutional partners of TICE.PT,
    • Entities of the National Scientific System,
    • National Clusters through the PORTUGALclusters partnership,
    • European Clusters through the ICT4Future project, led by TICE.PT,
    • Smart Cities Network Portugal
    • ....
  • Promotion of partnerships, through the promotion of discussion forums, workshops, seminars and other events;
  • Dissemination of Information relevant to the sector:
    • Financing programs: National - P2020 and International - H2020;
    • National and International Industry Events;
    • Opportunities;
    • Relevant studies and documents (some carried out by the Cluster)
  • Networking Activities;
  • European Technology Platforms (TICE.PT has already launched 4 PTE mirror platforms in Portugal);
  • Among others..

Above are the vantanges and some of the work TICE.PT, but we emphasize that whenever an Associates addresses us with any question / problem the TICE.PT is available to help you.