Lead Promoter |  TICE.PT

Funding Program | SIAC de Internacionalização

Investiment | 249.315,98€

Eligible investment |  238.800,00€

Co-financing | 202.980,00€

Start date | 02-01-2016

End date | 31-12-2017

Co-financed by | COMPETE 2020, P2020, União Europeia

The +560ICT4Future project has the strategic objective of increasing the international recognition of the Portuguese Tice sector and enhancing its internationalization in the markets of the clusters of the ICT4Future initiative (Spain, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, and Poland) in which TICE.PT is a member. founder and one of the main drivers.

TICE.PT intends to leverage the relationships it has been establishing and developing at ICT4Future for the benefit of the Portuguese TICE sector, namely by taking advantage of existing channels (with cluster management entities) to:

  • to deepen and make known to the Portuguese Tice sector the needs of these markets, that is, the identification of areas of greatest interest/opportunities for cooperation/internationalization.
  • to promote in an integrated manner in these markets the main skills and products and services in which the Portuguese Tice sector stands out.


Promotional Video of the National TICE sector: https://www.tice.pt/pt-pt/content/video-promocional