TICE.PT was part of the listening meeting within the scope of the creation of the Electronic Platform of Urban Procedures (PEPU)

Both, the Secretary of State for the Administrative Modernization and Digitalization, Mário Campolargo, and the Housing Secretary of State, Fernanda Rodrigues, invited TICE.PT to participate in a meeting at 28th July together with 4 other external entities to  discuss the creation of an Electronic Platform for Urban Procedures (PEPU), adopting the Building Information Modelling (BIM) methodology.

TICE.PT made a generic presentation of Gaia-X and a summary of the initiatives related with DIGITAL TER – 2050 project. This project, which aims to be a "ligthhouse project" within the scope of Gaia-X, focuses precisely on the processes of digitalization in the building sector, including BIM.

TICE.PT integra reunião de auscultação no âmbito da criação da Plataforma Eletrónica dos Procedimentos Urbanísticos (PEPU)
31 Jul, 2023