Lead Promoter |  Associação para o Pólo de Competitividade TICE.PT

Total eligible investment | 83.560,00 €

Co-financing | 52.288,00€

Start date | 02-01-2012

End date | 31/12/2013

Co-financed by | COMPETE | QREN | UE

Most small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the ICT sector are absent from participation in international joint projects, not following the phase of the emergence of new technologies and markets.

As communication and electronics technologies are characterized by an accelerated evolution, the participation of TICE companies in international R&DT projects is a way of permanent technological updating in line with the target technological state of the art. It is also the only concerted way of participating in the European development effort in ​​ICT, from which a part of its benefits may result directly or complementary.

The widespread participation of SMEs in the ICT sector in community projects, in addition to technological updating, enhances competitiveness gains in markets resulting from technological developments in their area of ​​activity, increased capacity for internationalization, international networking and the number of services and products placed on the market. with export possibility.

It is worth noting the active support of the Office for the Promotion of the Framework Program for R&DT (GPPQ) and DG Connect - European Commission Directorate-General in terms of access to information and in monitoring the activities organized under this project.