“Global Cloud Skills Tour” – conferences and education for employees

“Global Cloud Skills Tour” – events organized by The Leading Learning Partners Association emphasize the importance of educating employees in the field of cloud technologies as a path to digital resilience and innovation

The Leading Learning Partners Association and its members recognize that transformation to cloud technologies requires skills transformation and most importantly, that digital transformation is about people. In a series of events, the LLPA in close cooperation with Microsoft and other key partners, provides an opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn from local and international leading industry experts on topics such as building high-performance teams and ways to better leverage existing and future cloud investments. This exciting global tour brings learning through leaders, executives and partners, together to collaborate, share the best practices and accelerate growth by converging key technologies and role-based skills. Together with partners, the LLPA is organizing 15 events on 4 continents with more that 40 speakers, 1000+ IT professionals and 2000 CXO participants.

The Global Cloud Skills Tour includes a series of events about the latest role-based training and certifications, skilling initiatives and learning pathways. Croatia was involved in the Global Cloud Skills Tour by organizing the “Cloud Skills Week” – a multi-day conference with lectures and workshops which was organized by LLPA, Algebra, Microsoft, Span and Combis and took place on February 2021.

The skills and knowledge needed to perform basic jobs are rapidly changing, so almost half of the employees will have to engage themselves in some kind of education in the next two years, but most Croatian companies do not have elaborated plans for such educational processes.  Many companies are not even aware of the many opportunities and tax breaks available to them when investing in education. These and many other topics were discussed during the Cloud Skills Week conference in addition to conducted IT workshops.

More than 600 participants from three hundred Croatian companies were registered, and participated in lectures and workshops held as part of Cloud Skills Week. This event aimed to emphasize the importance of education and knowledge about cloud technologies to all companies that systematically invest in educating their employees but also to companies which just started with creating a strategic plan for such processes.

According to the survey conducted by Deloitte, most employees believe that opportunities for learning and personal development, provided by the company, are top priorities that make a particular company attractive for employment – said Igor Kundić, Algebra’s board member. But despite that, today only 10 percent of companies can state that their learning & development (L&D) processes are fully established. According to these data, half of the employees will need additional trainings and educations by 2025 due to the change in the required skills, and as much as 42 percent of the basic skills needed to perform everyday tasks will change in the next two years. Finally, pandemic also changed the way we work, determined organizational changes and transformation processes in companies, and emphasized new required skills of employees. More than 60 percent of the respondents in the survey, has stated that the pandemic and economic crisis had accelerated the need to acquire new skills, Kundić said.

Topics of lectures and workshops for participants were digital resilience, digital transformation and technological intensity. Digital resilience means building the human and technological capabilities of the company that allows them to be agile, innovative and to adapt more quickly to changes and challenges, explained Tatjana Skoko, director of Microsoft Croatia. At the same time, the measure of technological intensity is related to the ability to accept new technologies and technological innovations as well as further development of their own digital capabilities, which includes investing in employees, their knowledge and skills as well as application of new technologies. “It is necessary to create an innovative culture in which all employees are part of the innovation process and have the opportunity to learn, experiment, apply their knowledge and create new concepts in business,” said Skoko. It is crucial that companies have confidence in the technology and that they align their business model with the implemented technologies.


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“Global Cloud Skills Tour” – conferences and education for employees
16 Mar, 2021